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I’m a freelance visual artisan from Moravia; currently living in Prague.
My first encounter with CAD software was back in 2000, during my studies of architecture at Czech Technical University. From that moment on, my life oscillates around CGI.
In about 2004, I started with VJing. Over time I developed a passion for minimalist 3D-based animation combined with op-art patterns and in the following years, I created around 400 unique VJ loops.
In 2009, an invitation came to take part in the Street For Art Festival with a simple mapping projection. This moment turned out to be a step towards many greater light installations.
Until now, I have participated in about 50 videomapping events and over 100 other video projects, including cooperation with ballet dancers and new circus...
Nowadays, I am focusing more on the bases of the 3D realm - modeling and texturing. Exploring modern techniques and trying to master them.

You can find out more about my skills in my linkedin profile.


• 3D modeling, animation and visualization

• video editing and compositing

• videoprojection / VJing / lightshow

• videomapping / projection mapping

• art direction


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